Nextbike New Zealand Limited would like to help bring bikes to life in every city. Bikes are a fast, enjoyable and clean way of covering up to 10kms, and Nextbike believes it can add low cost and easy to these benefits. We provide public bike rental, bike skills and driver education on rider behavior.

Public bike rental

We are very pleased to have used technology and bikes from nextbike GmbH, a leading provider of public rental bikes, since 2007. Bike share systems have been around since the 70’s and are very popular in many European cities, where they complement buses, trains and ferries. In time these sorts of bike will be part of the normal public transport available throughout New Zealand. Until then we make bikes available with the help of local landowners and businesses.

If you are interested in partnering with us to kickstart bike share in your city please call Julian on +64 (0)21 154 8371

Bike skills

We have a team of qualified cycle skills instructors and an assessor that run a program of adult lessons, guided rides and bike checks, on behalf of local authorities. We work to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Skills Active and Cycling New Zealand framework.

Driver education

We design and run the award winning Share The Road Workshop series that many of New Zealands bus and truck drivers have attended, on behalf of the New Zealand Transport Agency and the Cycle Action Network. This is a chance for heavy vehicle drivers to see the world from the bike seat, we also run a complementary program to show riders how to be safe around buses and trucks.