How it works

When you register for Nextbike you are asked to provide your phone number, we use this to identify you. It is important that it is your phone number, and is recorded in international format. For example, 6425XXXXXXX for a New Zealand mobile with the number 025 XXX XXXX. If you are travelling on an international mobile you can register that, just remember to add your country code.

We reccomend registering at a computer before you need a bike, to avoid keying errors on the small smartphone screens. If you do register on a smartphone it is important that Cookies are "ON", check the manufacturers settings.

We can only accept Visa or Mastercard, and use these for bike security and payment of rental costs. The numbers are stored with Worldpay, to ensure the best possible security. There is a $4 charge that allows us to check that the card has not been stolen.

Once you are registered you can rent up to 4 bikes for you and your friends. Our bikes are checked regularly during the week, but it is always a good idea to check the wheels, brakes, pedals and helmets before renting and riding.

To rent a bike you need to contact us to get the lock code, and then again to tell us when you have finished your ride. You can do this in a number of ways:

Call 09 909 9090 from your registered mobile.

Mobile internet and entering the phone number you registered and PIN you were given to access your account.

App from your iPhone or Android and entering the phone number you registered and PIN you were given to access your account.

The system will then ask you for the unique bike number written on the back of the bike you wish to hire. Enter the bike number to be told the current lock code. Remember to contact us again to confirm the bike has been returned.

There is a $0 ride period at some locations, to encourage riding. After that the ride costs are $4 per hour, to a maximum of $20 for 24 hours.

nextbike New Zealand Limited, Auckland