Auckland City Hotel

3 bikes for guests. The bikes can be used for the day for $0. Just ask reception and they will call and get the current lock code for you. Remember to tell reception that you have returned the bike, so that another guest can use it.

Hobsonville Point

8 bikes at 2 locations. Registered riders get the first 2 hours of every ride for $0. This is a great way to explore Hobsonville Point and all the exciting developments that are happening out there. You might like to grab some food from the excellent weekend farmers market and head out for a picnic.

Waterfront Auckland

10 bikes at 2 locations for workers and city residents to use. Registered riders get the first 2 hours of every ride for $0. This is a great way to get to meetings or catch up with friends in another part of the city.

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Apologies! We are currently unable to get SMS to Vodafone customers. Please make sure you give an email address when registering, so that you get a copy of your PIN This is the quickest, cleanest and most fun way to explore a modern city! Nextbike has bikes which are all set for city cruising in Auckland, Christchurch and Cambrdige, with comfortable seats, and locks so you can easily stop and explore.

Our bikes are very easy to rent. You need to register a mobile phone number and a credit card, on a computer. If you do register on your smartphone please make sure Cookies are enabled. This costs $4, and you only need to do it once. You then contact us to get the current lock code. At the end of the ride you contact us again to confirm that you have returned the bike.

There is a $0 ride period at some locations, to encourage riding. After that the ride costs are $4 per hour, to a maximum of $20 for 24 hours.

We also run very popular lessons and guided rides on both normal and e-bikes. These are customised to suit your needs. Contact us to find out more

nextbike New Zealand Limited, Auckland