These are some of the frequently asked questions


We have two bike styles: Comfort and Classic. The Classics feature a frame with high crossbar, whilst the Comforts have a frame that is lower and sometimes called step through. The Comforts fit a wider range of sizes and are more frock friendly. Otherwise they feel very similar to ride.
The bikes have 3 gears to get you up the hills, mudguards to keep your clothes clean and a basket to carry your bag. The Comfort bikes also feature dynamo lights.
It is a legal requirement to wear a helmet in New Zealand, whilst cycling. So each bike has a helmet that is easy to fit and adjust. They are cleaned and replaced regularly. With 17 air vents your head will stay safe and cool.

Each bike and helmet is secured with a lock that you are given the code too. You can take the lock to secure the bike whilst you are renting. ​

For bikes with traditional locks the code can accidentally change if the insides of the lock are fiddled with, so it is a good idea to travel with the lock done up.

For bikes with electronic locks just secure the lock end in the holder behind the basket.​

Helmets with bike share helps improve safety, just like cars with seat belts. Helmets are released at the same time as the bike, which saves time. Wearing a helmet when riding a bike is the law in New Zealand. If for some reason a rider didn’t want to use the helmet then they could put the one provided in the basket and use their own. Simple and easy.

The rides that people do on our bikes are typically short and require little effort so the chances of sweating are small. Our helmets easily fit a range of head sizes from s - xl and have 17 vents so your head stays cool. We check and sanitize helmets 3 times a week. In addition helmets are individually coded and removed after a year. Hygienic and efficient.
If New Zealand relaxed it's helmet laws we would still need to provide helmets as part of our health and safety obligations.


Press the Login function at the top of the page and look for the pop up window, at the bottom of that you can press Forgot PIN

Enter the mobile phone number you registered with us, and remember to include the country code. For example, if your mobile is on the 025 network in New Zealand, the phone number you need to enter will start 6425....

This can happen when signing up on the website using mobile internet, and is normally a result of firewalls that our Payment Provider uses, if so:

1. On your mobile device make sure your Cookies are switched to On during sign up, or

2. Download the App on to your mobile device and complete your sign up there, or

3. Complete your sign up at a computer

If this doesn't fix the issue please take 2 minutes to complete this form so that our programmers can create a fix. Please note the form is only for Nextbike New Zealand riders.

This can happen for a number of reasons, please try these couple of simple steps:

    1. Try closing and restarting the App
    2. Try emptying the App cache:
     2.1 Go to Start Screen of your phone
     2.2 Go to Settings on Phone
     2.3 Go "Apps"
     2.4 Click on nextbike App
     2.5 Click on "Delete Cache"

If this doesn't fix the issue please take 2 minutes to complete this form so that our programmers can create a fix. Please note the form is only for Nextbike New Zealand riders.


In principle riders can start renting a bike before they arrive at the rental station, but we do not reccomend this as it can create a number of problems for you and other members of the public who want to ride. Bike shops are normally happy to take pre-bookings on their rental bikes.

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